Why I’m Running

  1. Support our public services
  2. Strengthen our community’s voice in Borough decisions and break down silos
  3. Build a healthy community

My Priorities

  1. Expand internet access by promoting broadband
  2. Improve and sustain our public services, like the library, transfer stations, and recycling center
  3. Clean up burnt and hazardous buildings
  4. Promote affordable housing development and improve our zoning to more appropriately reflect our community.
  5. Ensure quality and equal access in all services the Borough provides


1. To donate, first share the following information required by the Alaska Public Offices Commission:





Contact Savannah

Phone: (425) 442-2163 | Email: SavannahForFairbanks@gmail.com | Follow Savannah on Facebook

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PO Box 74467, Fairbanks, AK 99707